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Mysterious dungeons of Rivne. Building "On the Hill"

Project title: Construction of roofs with landscaping over the underground part of the buildings "On the Hill" with conservation and adaptation of the underground part of the buildings for the quest room on the street. Soborna, Zd in Rivne.
Location: Ukraine, Rivne region, Rivne
Design area: 260 sq.m.
Status: project
Degree of participation: project of restoration and conservation of the underground part of the buildings
Author's team:
Autograph LLC: Klichuk O., Kozak R., Mykhalyuk T., Sirochuk V., Sirochuk I.
Vestbudproekt LLC: Masyuk V., Mulik A.
KARM "Arche Vista": Aza A., Proshchenko A.


Our specialists as experts in the field of restoration took part in the work on conservation and adaptation of elements of the basement of the estate "On the hill" found in Rivne. The surviving fragments of the building date back to the middle of the 18th century, when, according to historical sources, the son of Prince Joseph Lubomirsky, Frederick, built the estate, sharing his legacy with other brothers.

The find received the status of an architectural monument and gave life to a great idea - to organize a public space here, building a new modern building around the surviving part of the dungeon, which became the compositional center of this complex. Stylistically, the concept beats the semantic task - to make visible and accessible historical architecture, but to avoid associations of boring and "museum" monument, to attract instead the lively interest of citizens with a relevant and popular topic. To do this, the functionality of the quest room will be placed in a building with lots of glass, which allows you to view the ruins of the dungeon and immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the game. This project, which combines the history of the hometown and modern hobbies of the people, has received both the approval of local authorities and the support of the European Union. In order to properly preserve all architectural elements, which will prevent their further destruction and prepare for further stages of construction, we needed the help and expertise of our experts with experience in the field of restoration and preservation of cultural heritage sites. According to the developed conservation project, the underground part of the building will be completely cleared, the brick vaults will be partially relocated, according to the results of the chemical-technological research - masonry injection, brick stairs will be relocated, wall fragments will be restored, and the soil layer will be fixed.

We hope that by joint efforts we will be able to preserve not only the walls of the dungeon, but also this inspiration, which united the people of Rivne in working on a great idea.



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