Construction of a private house Porsche

Project name: Construction of a private house Porsche
Location: Belgravia, London
Design area: 700 sq.m.
Status: project solutions (2021)
Degree of participation: development of an architectural concept
Author's team:
Aza Alyona, Bilyakov Yuriy, Heivakh Stanislav, Matyukha Kateryna, Mikhailov Serhiy, Parshikova Maria, Proshchenko Artem, Khomenko Maria


A correct, harmonious product does not need decorations; adding them should be a pure formality. Form should help, not distract from the product and its functions, Ferdinand Porsche believed. We adhered to the same concept when designing a house in the Porsche style. The timeless, recognizable Porsche design is characterized by the iconic Flyline roofline. It has remained largely unchanged since 1963 and is the main genetic trait of all Porsche models. It was this line that became the symbol of our project.
The relief and the environment also played an important role, in which it was necessary to fit the house. The image of the house was defined - the smooth lines of the hills and the clear dynamic line of the silhouette of the famous car merged into a single composition.
Also, one of the tasks was to preserve the nature around, not invading the ecosystem, but on the contrary, supplementing it. So, in the improvement of the house, a terrace with an outdoor pool and walking paths that neatly fit into the existing landscape appeared. The shape of the pool surface is vaguely reminiscent of the style of the Porsche headlight, which reflects the house. Thus, we have interpreted recognizable shapes and lines into the architecture of the project. These lines symbolize movement and speed, and this is an integral feature of our time.



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