House on the picturesque slopes of the Kiev suburbs

Project title: House on the picturesque slopes of the Kiev suburbs
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Vasylkiv district, village Ivankovichi
Design area: 540 sq.m.
Status: construction (2020-2021)
Degree of participation: landscape architecture, design decisions, author's supervision

Author's team: Studio "BY2L": Borynsky L., Yaremchuk O.
KARM "ARCHE VISTA": Bilyakov Yu., Nazarenko D., Parshikova M., Proshchenko A.



The picturesque terrain always inspires non-standard decisions. So it turned out and this time, the complex relief, made it difficult to implement the plan of the architects. Technical and technological solutions during construction became significantly more complicated, but everything planned was implemented.
The individual house is stretched on an artificial terrace, the slope above the house holds an array of retaining walls with built-in engineering rooms and a garage. Given the wishes of the customer to abandon the second floor made it possible to implement the authors' idea and combine the architecture of the building with the existing landscape by scattering the house along the terrain, and the conciseness of modern architecture combined the building with the existing landscape.
In order to preserve the atmosphere of the place, the landscape architects of the workshop conducted a detailed analysis of the relief and existing plantings, special attention was paid to the existing compositions and landscape groups of the site. A special difficulty arose when creating a composition of entrances to the house, which were to fit harmoniously into the complex terrain of the site, while retaining the functionality of everyday use.
It was a difficult but interesting job, thanks to colleagues from BY2L for cooperation.



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