Overhaul of the Cascade fountain

Project title: Overhaul of the Cascade fountain
Location: Ukraine, Kharkiv, street Sumy, 35
Design area: 1,650 sq.m.
Status: project (2017)
Degree of participation: design decisions
Author's team:
Yuriy Bilyakov, Artem Proshchenko

Any project begins with a thorough analysis, especially if it is work with an existing building. It was from the analysis of historical materials and the urban situation that work began on creating the concept of a new type of fountain. Garden named after T.G. Shevchenko is one of the oldest green areas in Kharkiv. During the war, the area was severely damaged, so during the reconstruction of the city in the postwar period, it was given special attention. The original design of the cascade fountain, designed by architect Anna Mayak in 1954, is very harmoniously integrated into the existing landscape of the garden. After analyzing the historical photos found by the specialists of the workshop, recreation areas located on the platforms between the stairways, which are no longer in their modern form, were found.

All this became the basis for the development of a new concept. According to the authors of the project, preserving the geometric proportions of the building, the central part received a new composition "Cascade", a modern, complex structure of clear layout. Restored cozy recreation areas on the platforms between the stairways, surrounded by greenery are separated from the transit path by high flower beds, and for an even greater feeling of calm and comfortable rest, small fountains-waterfalls have appeared on each site. In order to meet the requirements of inclusiveness, a footpath was provided along the hill next to the building, which connected the lower and upper squares with fountains. The complex is completed by an area with a large fountain of complex geometry and a separate area with parking spaces for visitors to the park.



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