Equestrian complex "Stable Butenko"

Project title: Equestrian complex "Stable Butenko" in c. Protsiv, Boryspil district, Kyiv region
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, village Protsiv
Design area: 4.0 hectares
Status: Construction is complete
Degree of participation: conceptual solution of the complex, development of the draft master plan
Author's team:
LLC "Architectural studio" DOMUS ": Zhyla OS
KARM "Arche Vista": Bilyakov YP, Mossokovsky YA


According to this project on the site of the equestrian complex was provided the location of the following buildings and structures:

  • the building of the stable for 27 logs, interlocked at right angles with the building of the indoor training arena with a working size of 44x22 m (the total useful size of the arena is 55x22 m);
    competition fields - main, size 60x40 m and training size 40x24 m;
  • three stands for spectators, providing comfortable accommodation for up to 96 people;
  • training facility. It has the shape of a round tent and is located on the west side of the arena;
  • a large lawn for recreation, located in the most picturesque place - in the northeast of the site on a spacious lawn of an old pine forest;
  • economic sites (located along the southern and western facades of the arena);
  • two pastures with a total area of ​​449 sq.m;
  • VIP-platform for guest cars (provides free placement of seven cars with horses);
  • open-air cages for dogs (3 pieces, the size of 4x3 meters everyone);
  • diesel generator;
  • transformer substation;
  • a fence with an entrance gate;
  • outside the site there are additional areas for guest cars;
  • the minimum of paths and platforms for movement on object is necessary.



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