Chalet in the Tatras

Project title: Construction of an individual house in Zakopane, Poland
Location: Poland, Zakopane
Design area: 520 square meters.
Status: construction (2017)
Degree of participation: development of architectural concept, working project
Author's team:
Iryna Zhuga, Artem Proshchenko, Oleksandra Tretyak


In modern conditions, houses in the style of "chalet" have become something much more than a "shepherd's hut". These are comfortable cottages made using traditional chalet and modern building materials, with refined interiors, large windows and bright spacious rooms.

To implement this project, a constructive system of the "half-timbered" type was chosen. Half-timbered houses have a rigid load-bearing frame of vertical uprights, beams and struts, which are the main distinguishing feature of the half-timbered structure. Special trusses are used to cover large spans in the living area. All elements of a framework of modern half-timbering are made of glued wood that essentially increases service life of the building.

The architecture of the building uses techniques typical of a classic chalet - a sloping mansard roof, dominating the entire house. Such a roof is, so to speak, the business card of the chalet and even determines its planning and spatial solution. The ground floor is a single space that combines a dining room, living room and fireplace. The center of the guest area is a fireplace, because it is around a live fire so natural to gather the whole family. In the second part of the house, where the building is raised relative to zero, there are private rooms. In the basement, which is directly connected to the area adjacent to the house, there are technical rooms necessary to create a favorable microclimate of modern housing.

Civilization often makes the living space of a modern house soulless and "dead", but the atmosphere of a chalet, born of nature itself - is always alive and real. No wonder the elements of the chalet style are used in city apartments and in the most modern country houses. Due to its individuality, such a house has not just an atmosphere - a soul appears in it, and it becomes a House in the full sense of the word.



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